In-house Training

Embrace the advantage of having our expert trainers bring the learning experience directly to your company premises. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the time that suits your team's schedule, eliminating the need for unnecessary travel. Our tailored solutions not only save you time and resources but also guarantee a highly personalized in-house training learning environment that maximizes the impact of the training.

Pharma & Biotech In-house Training

All of our pharma & biotech training courses can be delivered at your company premises at a time that suits you. If you can not find what you are looking for in our public training offering, our trainers and producers will develop bespoke programmes to address your training needs. The result is a tailored training solution at your chosen time and location with no need to travel.

How does it work? It’s quick and easy. Write us:

  1. How many people need to be trained?
  2. Would you prefer online or onsite training?
  3. On what topic does your team need training?

Our Expertise Lies In

Drug Development

Helping clients develop cutting-edge new drugs for the worldwide market. Applying latest trends in bioequivalence and dissolution testing to speed up research & development initiatives.

Pharmaceutical Quality

Ensuring compliance of quality management systems through-out all phases of drug development.

Process Scale-up, Validation & Technology Transfer

Helping companies successfully scale-up manufacturing of biologics, solid dosage forms, injectables and medical devices. Applying best practices in validation and technology transfer to our customer’s current goals.

Regulatory, Clinical Trials & Market Access

Navigating clients through the complex regulatory landscape of pharmaceuticals and biologics. Co-creating and co-analysing clinical trials while focusing on fast-to-patient market access strategy.

Orphan Drug Strategy

Helping clients develop and launch new orphan drugs while staying compliant with the current regulations. Using our orphan drugs market know-how, from both EMA/FDA and industry perspective, to benefit from growing possibilities in rare diseases. 

  • 60+ pharma & biotech training courses
  • 37+ industry professionls

Advantages of in-house training: 

  • Personalization: The course's material can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements.
  • Group advantage: In-house training offers significant cost savings, especially for medium to large groups of participants.
  • Expense reduction: Trainees can eliminate costs associated with travel and lodging since there is no need to relocate.
  • Time efficiency: Save valuable time by avoiding travel. Schedule a training exactly according to your plans.
  • Convenience: Training can be organised online or onsite, with recording available.
  • Confidentiality: Company-specific concerns can be addressed with complete privacy.
  • Motivation: Pharma & biotech in-house training enhances the drive, efficiency, and self-assurance of your staff.

"Trainer is very competent and has the complete knowledge of the matter."

– Senior Process Expert, B. Braun

"It is not at all frequent to find this grade of preparation and reaction to specific cases such as the ones presented. I'm enthusiastic! Thanks really."

– Tech Transfer Lead, Novartis

"Thank you for sharing all the links and informative material. Very professional organization and execution."

– Manufacturing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The trainer was very knowledgeable about the topics and was able to answer all questions."

– Drug Product Subject Matter Expert, Pfizer

"Excellent work of the lecturer, good materials, clear explanations."

– Clinical Pharmacologist, Boehringer Ingelheim