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Dr. Eduardo Jule

Dr. Eduardo Jule

Dr. Eduardo Jule

Technical and Business Consultant, Evolve Consulting

With over two decades of immersion in the dynamic realm of drug delivery, Eduardo Jule joined Capsugel in 2004 in a pivotal move fuelled by a compelling vision: to promote oral lipid-based formulations as a unique solution to tackle solubility and bioavailability challenges. Over the course of 18 years within the Capsugel and Lonza families (2004-2022), he served diverse roles spanning Business Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Development, and Regional Sales Leadership. 
Throughout his tenure with Capsugel, Dr. Jule spearheaded initiatives that established customer bases across the EU and the US, authored and delivered impactful presentations and technical brochures as well as scientific publications, and played a pivotal role in the creation of the Lipid Formulation Classification System Consortium, a collaborative endeavour dedicated to elucidating and harnessing the potential of lipid-based drug delivery systems. Central to the LFCS Consortium’s mission was the development and refinement of a standardised evaluation of dispersion and digestion, and the potential extrapolation of in vitro into in vivo performance. 
At that time, his expertise culminated in leading a formulation development team that achieved remarkable milestones, including moving a new chemical entity through Phase 3 trials to filing for patents evidencing the benefits of lipid-based drug delivery. Currently, Dr. Jule aims at supporting Pharmaceutical Development through Technical Advisory in drug delivery, Business Development and Strategic Advisory Services through evolve Consulting.

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